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Installation of windows - PVC, aluminum

A properly organized and well-executed installation is an important and inherent aspect of purchasing doors and windows. Even the best construction can lose its value, its properties and parameters if it is installed inappropriately. MATPLAST Sp. z o.o. offers various types of installation, depending on the situation, the type of building and the customer’s needs. We use modern solutions and materials, making use of well-tried and proven Western standards that we transplant to the Polish market. Most importantly, the installation services are provided by our own teams; in other words, by people who have been working in our company for years, who are well experienced and properly trained.


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Installation types


Installing the joinery with anchors/dowels/mounting plates, insulation with PU foam.


The STANDARD installation is extended with elements of the three-layer installation: we provide vapour-permeable membrane and vapour barrier membrane with meshes to be fixed by the customer while plastering the linings.


The STANDARD installation is extended with elements of the three-layer installation: we provide vapour-permeable membranes and vapour barrier membranes that are glued to the linings with a fixing glue.


The three-layer installation extended with thermal insulation using special anchors.




When installing the window, it is necessary to properly seal the joint. Filling the joint with polyurethane foam is not enough and may lead to numerous problems in the future. In order to ensure protection against mould and proper insulation properties of the joint, we recommend applying the i3 window sealing system. It meets all current requirements concerning energy efficiency and joint sealing. The system’s efficiency was verified by independent window technology institutes. The tests covered also the cooperation of the elements in extreme conditions. The system was evaluated as a whole. Nine elements of the system destined for inner, intermediate and outer sealing may be freely combined, depending on the needs of a particular construction project. The choice of the i3 system products is completely independent from the window frame material.

Benefits of the i3 window sealing system

  • 10 year functionality warranty
  • return on investment within the warranty period thanks to energy saving
  • significant decrease of noise
  • protection against moisture and mould formation in the joint and in the interior
  • 3 variants of membrane installation


User-friendly, high-quality technology ensuring the fastest window installation

Illbruck TP650 illmod Trio is a multifunctional, impregnated expansion tape, designed to sealing various types of building joints. It is used mainly for sealing mobile joints, such as window or doorframes joined to the reveal. The sealing is watertight and wind resistant, and the junction provides thermal insulation. illmod trio is an insulation material that allows for sealing the junction with a single product, in accordance with the “inside tighter than outside” principle. Its role is to provide fast and secure sealing while installing windows and doors.

The product’s assets

  • resistance to driving rain and wind, thermal insulation
  • no temperature and weather restrictions during the installation
  • fast and easy installation in one working step
  • resistance to weather, including UV radiationV
  • perfect design for mobile joints



Advantages over polyurethane foam

  • no time required for foam hardeningi
  • no additional cuts required
  • perfect rolling characteristics
  • minimal amount of waste
  • the product (and its wastes) not classified as dangerous
  • resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation
  • watertight up to 600 Pa
  • can be used in low temperatures


  • prefabricated buildings made of wood, steel, composite panels, etc.
  • prefabricated concrete constructions
  • constructions built with standardized, precisely made bricks or blocks



System fixing and sealing of the window joint in the building’s insulation layer

The illbruck MOWO system is an attempt to introduce a new standard for installing the window carpentry in the insulation layer: a system window installation with a simultaneous sealing of the window joint. This solution rules out the use of the polyurethane foam, which, once placed in the window joint, must be immediately secured against dampness and UV radiation. The system does not require the use of special installation consoles, either. Installation frame for bay windows is a natural part of the reveal. The system’s installation profiles are levelled during the assembly. We can therefore correct the installation’s foundation if it had not been built carefully enough.

Energy efficient

What does all of this mean for an Investor? First and foremost, a significant decrease of the linear thermal bridge coefficients, but also the possibility of an earlier interior adaptation. Until now, the Investor had to wait until the building’s insulation was completed before he could attempt to seal the window that had been installed in the insulation layer. The illbruck MOWO system allows the opening to be fully closed in just 24 hours, so the Investor is not left alone with the problem of the installation’s continuation, and particularly of sealing. Moreover, windows can later be replaced without damaging the elevation. The illbruck MOWO system is dedicated for energy efficient, passive and nearly zero-energy buildings. By 1 January 2021 (or 1 January 2019 for new buildings occupied by public authorities), the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings will become an obligation for all investors in EU, as required by the Directive 2010/31/EU adopted the European Parliament and European Union Council and regarding buildings’ energy specifications.



Air infiltration rate for the MOWO system is a < 0.1 [m3/m*h*daPa2/3], it can therefore rival the tightest joinery in the 4th air infiltration class.


Whereas the traditional system of installation in front of the wall face provided sound insulation of merely 19 dB, with the illbruck MOWO system it amounts to 36 dB. In addition, when the illbruck SP525 sealer is used, the sound insulation level reaches 43 dB. No other system can currently boast such a result. Consequently, no additional sound protection is required.

Under control

The Tremco illbruck company provides assistance during the project and its execution. Every construction is monitored during the realization. Complying with the procedures is rewarded with a 5-year functionality warranty.


An intelligent solution

Constant cooperation between the technology department of the Tremco illbruck company on one hand and architects and window installers on the other has permitted the creation of a new product: a styrodur block installed under the windowsill, sometimes called “the warm window sill”. Positioning the frame in the window opening before fixing was arduous and time-consuming, but not anymore. Thanks to the Styrofoam block, window installation has become quick and optimized in regard to its thermal insulation and tightness properties. The fitting is made of hard-extruded polystyrene, boasting a high load bearing capacity. Due to its construction, it provides an excellent thermal insulation at the bottom connection between the window threshold and the wall. Its shape was specially designed to prevent rainwater dripping towards the window’s thermal insulation area. This technical solution was authorized by the German office DIBt and registered at the patent office. It meets all requirements of EU directives regarding energy conservation. The Styrofoam profile can be used with windows made of PVC, wood or aluminium.


Excellent solution about the building’s physics

Thermovision photographs often show thermal bridges that appear under the window, where the window frame joins the wall and the windowsill. The “warm window sill” provides uniform thermal insulation with the thermal conductivity value A < 0.035 W(m K). At its narrowest point, window sections’ support is 38 mm wide, which ensures the thermal transmittance value (U) lower than 0.8 [W/m2 K]. Further, the value becomes even lower, achieving 0.1 [W/m2 K]. The sealing between the “warm window sill” and the window threshold, made with the illmod expansion tape, gives the joint resistance to driving rain and wind up to 600 Pa, as well as the air infiltration rate a < 0.1, in accordance to the norm EN 1026.

Three sealing layers in one product

The illbruck undersill block is made of 100% styrodur, which ensures excellent and uniform insulation. The sealing of the connection between the window frame and the block is made with the illbruck illmod impregnated sealing tape for joints. Combined with any illbruck i3 solution, the “warm window sill” constitutes an excellent window-wall threshold connection, perfect for most construction situations.