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Doors PSK duoPort

Aluminum systems allow for the construction of many different types of windows and doors, depending on the scope and detailed requirements for functionality, aesthetics, thermal insulation, resistance to burglary, smoke tightness or fire resistance. They include both structures without thermal insulation designed for building internal partition walls and doors (MB-45, MB-45 Office, MB-EXPO) or building balconies (system MB-23P), as well as solutions based on profiles thermally insulated ( MB-60 MB-70 MB-59S). Much of the system thermally insulated is available as "HI", characterized by special contributions in the sections, the lowering coefficient of thermal conductivity.


On the basis of multiple systems MB series can be made folding doors, burglar-proof structures and windows smoke. For customers who want to combine the appropriate technical parameters with an affordable price, we offer a wide range of economic solutions, such as MB-45S, MB-59SE and MB-60E. In the field of window and door systems are also specialized fire barriers and smoke-proof in their range are available: the system MB-78EI fire resistance classes EI15 to EI90 system and MB-118EI class EI120. This group is complemented by smoke-tight doors without fire resistance: MB-45D.