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Excellent insulation properties of the energy efficient Schüco Alu Inside windows ensure maintaining the appropriate climate in the whole house. By replacing old windows with energy efficient Schüco Alu Inside windows, energy consumption can be decreased by at least 33%. In a standard detached house, it allows to save at least 1441 litres of fuel oil and lower the deleterious CO2 emission by more than 4.5 tonnes a year.

  • Highest insulating values: window thermal transmittance value Uw from 0.64 W/m²K
  • High degree of protection against burglars thanks to application of modern fittings
  • Excellent protection against noise and weather conditions
  • Wide choice of colours, accessories and variants




The activPilot system manufactured by Winkhaus combines many novel and practical solutions that will surely be a standard in the future. The new system was based on the well-tried autoPilot fitting. It retains all the advantages of the past fittings’ generation, such as securing the hinge pin of the restrictor arm, support for closing a tilted window, and interlocking connections between elements. Nevertheless, those solutions have been modified. activPilot is a modular system characterized by a clear structure, as the number of elements has been significantly reduced in comparison to older systems. The activPilot fitting can be installed both manually and automatically. All cremone bolts and corner fittings are produced in a variant locked in the fitting notch. Thanks to its flexibility, the new system allows the producer to fulfil virtually all wishes customers could have. Attractive additional functions, a new locking system and the possibility of easily changing the security standard constitute important assets of this system. The modern design further emphasizes the product’s high quality and practical values.


The base for the new locking system is the octagonal eccentric pin. It fits both standard and burglar-proof catches, allowing for an easy regulation of the sash pressure on the frame. The solution is unique on the market.


The number of elements necessary to equip the window with fittings has been greatly reduced. The corners have been unified. One element now serves several functions. Frame catches not only lock the sash in the frame, but also cooperate with multifunctional elements.


activPilot makes it possible to easily enhance the window standard. Multifunctional elements can be installed easily and quickly, even in the windows that are already in use. One element serves two or more additional functions.


The new system combines functionality and aesthetics. Accents highlighting the product’s quality and innovation appear on the frame fittings and on the sash. The shape of the catches and hinges facilitates window’s cleaning and maintenance.


  • easy installation
  • high clearance tolerance
  • easy and precise regulation of the sash pressure on the frame
  • convenient change of the security standard
  • high quality and functionality
  • largely reduced number of elements
  • greater flexibility in fixing the fittings
  • easy addition of non-standard functions
  • logistic benefits
  • easy window maintenance
  • quick response to the customer’s needs
  • wider range of products
  • easy addition of functions in a window that is already in use
  • comfortable in use
  • versatility of elements
  • intuitive operation
  • aesthetic values enhance windows’ quality



Standard double glazed unit, providing good protection against heat losses and high light permeability thanks to the low-emissivity coating SGG Planitherm Ultra N or SGG Planitherm ONE.


Quadruple glazed unit with the maximal parameter U=0.3 is an extreme barrier against heat losses: the U parameter is the same as a wall’s. Due to its thickness and weight, its application is limited.


Triple glazed units constitute a vast group of products. To decrease heat losses, they comprise two spacers filled with a noble gas and two low-emissivity coatings, such as SGG Planitherm Ultra N or SGG Planitherm ONE, as well as SGG Planitherm Lux used for glazing in passive buildings, in which the solar factor parameter and light permeability are of special importance.


SGG DECORGLASS is an ornamented glass that can be colourless, coloured or reinforced. This translucent glass is made by rolling liquid glass between two rollers. One of the rollers carries an engraved pattern that is impressed upon the glass sheet.



In many cases, muntins are indispensable: they give a unique character to the building and allow conserving the window divisions in older houses. Moreover, they present numerous advantages. Since they are placed between the glass panes, they do not require cleaning or maintenance. They are also lightweight, available in a wide range of colours and can be given various shapes (arches, circles, connections at various angles).


Glued-on muntins are placed on the glass surface on one or both sides. They can be combined with an aluminium frame, forming so called “Vienna muntins”. They are used with PVC, wood and aluminium frames, and produced in the same material and colour as the window frames. Standard widths are 25, 35 and 55 mm. The colour range is compatible with that of PVC profiles. Glued-on muntins serve mostly to enhance the aesthetic values of a window installed in a building’s facade.